An Important Tool While Working From Home

There’s a lot going on right now with school closures and big events getting cancelled. Many of us are practicing our social distancing by working from home. We have the perfect tool to help with that!

The Power Pulse Plus (SP76) is ideal for use when working from home! Have a phone that’s low on a charge and you have an important conference call? No problem.  Not only does it charge your phone while your sitting at your desk, but you can also make and take calls at the same time! This product has a microphone so when connected via bluetooth, you can make a call by using your phone to choose the number, or double tap the play button on the speaker to call the last person who called. You can receive a call by pressing the play button to answer.   It can also be used to ‘ask Siri’ for the latest updates on news reports, etc. This is a must have for your home office! It can really be used anywhere at home; in the kitchen while preparing dinner, playing games with the family, in the bathroom while getting a shower or in your home gym. Everyone can benefit from the Power Pulse Plus!

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