Working From Home

Are you working from home because of the recent health risks? Like many people, you probably are already or are making plans to in the future. We’ve had several customer reach out asking about Work From Home items. So, we’ve constructed the perfect Remote Work Kit! Let’s take a look into the items in this kit and see why we chose them.

The Remote Work Kit includes:

It’s very important to keep your hands away from your face to prevent the spread of germs. Why not grab a TT02 Spinner to keep your hands busy? This great accessory will entertain for hours while relieving stress and anxiety.

The EB47 Fit Buds can pair to any laptop that is Bluetooth enabled so these can help with video conference calls while you work from home. These great bluetooth earbuds fit easily and securely in your ear and won’t fall out. These will keep you in the zone and you will maintain minimal distraction while working.

You can never have too many chargers handy. The CB34 Key-Cable gives you all the connections you need while at home. It has Type-C, Lightning, and standard USB connections. You just need a standard USB port and you’re ready to go! Stay charged up while working!

Optional Accessory

Meet the OM14 Lobster Wireless Mouse. This Full sized wireless mouse is small and portable and has a very comfortable feel, making it easy when working from home. Unfold the mouse and the Lobster fits in the palm of your hand. The receiver is small and you can also leave this mouse plugged into your laptop. Get smooth cursor control with high-def optical tracking. This is perfect for using in your home office.

All of your imprinted items will come securely packaged in this nice white cardboard box.

To place an order please email us at

Grab Yours Today!

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